Guests are welcome

by Ali Almana

from GIZ

Our solution

Giz can support the syrian restaurants in Gaziantep -Turkey in providing food to the poor in the Turkish community for a period of time (specific levels of the commmunity can be announced/advertised in a beatiful and peaceful way like cleaners ,electricity workers ,Firefighters or solders.....etc) ,the idea is flixible to be discussed more and can be framed in many ways

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

this action can inspire other customers from the Turkish community to come and support these restaurants

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

this sloution was done for some days by some Syrian restaurants in the aim of enhancing their relation with their neighboures ,this movement will enhance the social cohesion as well the economic exchane between the tow communities and create the sense of belonging and contribution for the Syrian refugees in the host communities

Our Skills and Experience

I have been working as an officer for youth development and social cohesion for arround 4 years in Turkey -Gaziantep almost 2 years with GIZ ,I'm acting also as a focal point for the Syrian commuity because I could build a wide network with my community (Syrian) in Turkey