by Antoine De Padoue Sisibo

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Our solution

Tent of geeks is the innovation and creativity place for children's science,games, arts and crafts known as geeks. Children living in refugee's camp do not neither study nor do some creative and sharpening activities. This tent will solve the problem of children who want to do practical activities but who don't have opportunity to show their creativity, innovation and imagination in arts, science, crafts and games. The aim is to solve nations problems trough children.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

We have more than two ways: 1. Children will produce high quality arts, crafts and scientific products to be sold in camps and in host communities, goverment and companies on their behalf. 2. During our monthly show of discovery, creativity presentation and fair we will be inviting all people to attend. We will set entrance fee for the event. 3. We will call companies, NGOs to advertise in our hot events so they will pay for the service on the behalf of children "geeks" who will present.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

We implemented it in two ways 1. In our holiday camp we organise for children every end of the year and 2. In our new project tent of geeks aiming at giving place and time to children who want to discover and innovate in science, technology and arts. We organise an event we call the child of this month where an incomparable child presents something every month. Children made arts and crafts materials we sold in shops in Kigali. We exposed them again in last expo 2018

Our Skills and Experience

I'm projects manager, marketer and administrative assistant. I organise holiday camps for children and teach crafts and scientific games in schools in Kigali. I work with a team of highly talented artists and projects managers. My vision is to help children to study and to promote their innovation and creativity in science, technology and arts in order to face our countries problems for better future.