Project title: DAREB: Direct Access to Resources and Equal B

by Carene Kodalazian

from GIZ Qudra

Our solution

For different reasons, needs of refugee- and host communities are not always covered by service providers. The application D.A.R.E.B. will serve as a tool connecting beneficiaries and service providing NGOs. The project aims to create an innovative support platform facilitating socio economic and social (re-)integration through linking beneficiaries to providers to access information, coaching, mentorship, psycho-social support and employment possibilities.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

The application benefits both, 1) the Seeker: can include his profile by filling a confidential online form and ask for the service he needs 2) the provider: can include his professional profile and define the type of service he wants to offer.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

The elaborated prototype relates to the socio-economic and social (re-)integration of the refugees, host communities and IDPs, by analyzing, evaluating and putting into value the experience and knowledge of the NGO’s and their success stories. These success stories will be crucial for the creating of a first running mobile application by mid-January. D.A.R.E.B. is an idea resulting from the EU Madad Innovation Lab I on Skills Development, a dialogue format implemented by the Qudra Programme.

Our Skills and Experience

The team members have accumulated multiple of years of experience working with refugee- and host communities. Based on this experience, they defined the challenges, the objectives and the aim of all sides and came up with a pioneering prototype which could help all types of beneficiaries regardless of their age, education and experience. A second objective of this platform is to bring people from different backgrounds together thus assuring social cohesion.