SaveTalent - Prevent talents from fading away

by Rebecca Paulus

from GIZ

Our solution

Members of refugee and host communities are struggling to pursue their passion since the socio-economic situation forces them to work in sectors, which are not related to their respective talents and vocations. Their talents fade away by time. SaveTalent is an online platform were talented individuals from refugee and host communities sign up to promote their skills and get in contact with potential employers. This will not only support them economically but also in integrating in the community.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

SaveTalent is an online platform providing opportunities for talented individuals of refugee- and host communities to find employment in their respective vocation, strengthen their capacities and integrate in their communities. By registering on the online platform, the team supports the talented individual in creating an appealing profile including a written story, an individualized video or an illustration to highlight the respective talent of the individual.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

SaveTalent developed a first demo online platform and reached out to talented individuals to produce first videos, which are ready to be uploaded to the website. A first running prototype will be implemented and launched till mid-January. NGOs in Lebanon are excited to support the team in the development and launch of the prototype and promote it among refugee- and host communities. SaveTalent is an idea resulting from the EU Madad Innovation Lab II, a regional dialogue format (Qudra Programme).

Our Skills and Experience

The SaveTalent team is composed of five young people: Mr. Al-Dailami, team leader and talented photographer is managing the project. Mr. Asdiguian, technical assistant for the online platform monitoring the servers and supporting in developing the digital solution. Mr. Al-Bokari, video producer and photographer. Mr. Khairi, responsible for marketing and promotion through social media. Mr. Sennain, editor of videos, stories, and illustrations. He also manages the finances of the project.