MOUSAAD Your Guide in the Hospital

by elif dönmez

from GIZ

Our solution

Turkey currently hosts over 3.5 million registered Syrian refugees along with over 365,000 persons of concern from other nationalities registered to UNHCR. Although refugees have the right to access to health services, they face challenges while benefiting this basic right due to language barriers. Mousaad is a robot which will support refugee patients in the hospitals. The main functions of the robot is guidance, assistance and translation.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Currently this referral and support system is carried out by NGO workers in Turkey. Mousaad brings the opportunity to carry out this huge workload in a more flexible, versatile and autonomous manner. Mousaad has a potential market both at state hospitals and private hospitals especially in cities with high refugee population. Regarding the difficulties of language barrier, refugees will prefer the hospitals with this technology and the hospitals would use this solution to provide better service

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Mousaad is one of the projects which was developed within the scope of Madad Lab- QUDRA Programme, which is supported by EU and BMZ and implemented by GIZ. The prototype was developed after a series of trainings on design thinking, digital training and entrepreneurship. Mousaad has been selected as one of the successful prototypes by the Madad Lab Jury and given 10.000 Euro fund. With this fund, Mousaad will be produced until February 2019.

Our Skills and Experience

The idea is developed under the leadership of Cafer Abdi, Madad Lab participant, a 22 year old Syrian refugee, with a degree of mechatronics engineering. He is living in Bursa, one of the cities with high refugee population. He is a member of the refugee community and he has an inner insight of the problems faced by refugees.