Sustainable outcome: Towards a global territorial economy ..

by Mohamed OUERGHI

from Union des Jeunes Urbanistes Tunisiens

Our solution

The innovative part of our project in solving the problem of urban project management is to guarantee the intelligent fluidity of co-financing and energy efficiency and the participative and inclusive budget. For example, we highlight the effectiveness of the smart financial transaction in digital decentralized cities and the speed of geographic information, the professional reconversion of young people through inclusive, collaborative and intelligent platforms ...

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Our project is based on an innovative vision of socio-economic capital and territorial governance, it is part of the sector of digital financial co-management and participatory territory in order to finance. These urban problems of disparity between the urban and / or rural space can be minimized on the regional and local levels so that we can better manage the conflicts of the actors of the spatial management and we can consequently offer a financing of projects more efficient and transparent .

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Our response to these community needs is one of the problems that triggered the 2011 revolution and is now threatening the national economy. Our role as young entrepreneurs would be to develop a digital and territorial 'Fintech' economy that will be supported by a youth and youth community in order to regenerate multi-stakeholder synergies and subsequently restore trust between civil society , private companies and public decision-makers ..

Our Skills and Experience

We are a young multidisciplinary team ( urbanist, geographer-sociologist, planner, lawyer...) that have been working together since 2015 on economic and management projects and that wants to embark on the world of digital entrepreneurship and smart territory governance. We had the chance to see this call for projects on social networks and we would like to apply for this program to benefit from support and assistance at the level of start of our platform Crowdfunding ...