MoveON- The entrepreneurship hub for locals and refugees

by Sven Mangels

from leetHub St.Pauli e.V.

Our solution

The leetHubSt.Pauli believes in entrepreneurship & business exchange. Our programme MoveON is supporting refugees to start up their own business in Germany. Some of the innovative entrepreneurs take the opportunity to start a business and combining this with trading with their home country. Setting up an entrepreneurship hub in Rwanda for refugees with the same purpose would bring urgently needed infrastructure and would support working on innovative business solutions for those entrepreneurs.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

The entrepreneurship hubs main purpose would be to strengthen the business exchange between refugees and the host country. The combination of learning the basics of how to start-up a business and giving refugees a place, where they actually feel accepted and supported, is an important starting point for a successful business. Each new developed business will help to improve the quality of the following businesses. Mentors from already successful business will be the key to avoid easy mistakes.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

The implementation process in Hamburg for the MoveON programme took about 6months. Experts working already with refugees, business experts and people from the local authorities have worked on a 6months incubation programm. Since the start in 2016 we helped 16 entrepreneurs to start their own business in Hamburg and even more important- we motivated others and gained acceptance. The home & the host country of the refugees gained both, especially when the business worked in the field of trading.

Our Skills and Experience

Working in the field of microentrepreneuship for the United Nations for three years (mainly EastAfricanCommunity) gave me an inside view of how entrepreneurship functions in Africa. This work experienced helped us also to start up our project, the leetHub in Hamburg. By now we have developed many innovative tailor-made workshops for refugees in Hamburg. This process is a great learning curve for all of us- which can be useful for any project in the field of entrepreneurship with refugees.