A Self-sustainable refugee,contributes to his host community

by John Sadiki

from Lazima Nipate Academy

Our solution

We empower refugees to make a sustainable living out of what they are passionate about by nurturing job creators and change makers with the ability to turn challenges into solutions. We do this through self-learning spaces where refugees unleash their potentials, create their own opportunities and develop their own passions into social businesses. They create their own jobs, tackles the most pressing issues in the slum and contribute to their host society.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Many refugees are passively waiting for resettlement in the global north or for peace back home to be able to return. Managing themselves and enabling each other through the self-learning space, they become an active driver for the generation of opportunities and jobs for themselves and the host communities. Creating a dignified and sustainable life, refugees contribute to its well-being and become a boost to the economy, instead of being a perceived as a burden to the host communities.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

In over 11 years, the Legatum Prosperity Index has continuously found entrepreneurship to be one of the most important variables for a country's overall prosperity. Through our self-learning space, jobless refugee are driving their own education, create their own opportunities and jobs through social enterprises with a positive impact on the society and a positive impact on the environment.

Our Skills and Experience

We realized that as a refugees, we have unique skills and experiences sometimes nobody else has. We understood our difficult past as a strength rather than a subject of shame, hence we are creating this project to support others experiencing similar situations. We are a team of young refugees and youth from our host country determined to solve the unemployment issue and alleviating poverty in our host communities. We are business mentors, life coaches and personal development trainers.