Chips Production Business from Crop Cultivation

by Nova Maulani

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Our solution

I would like to recommend a business venture in producing a variety of chips with the taste of local spices. The variant can be chosen by the main agricultural commodities harvested in the region such as potato, cassava, banana or any kind of fruits. The business needs of low investment. People from various background can run the business since no need special skills required.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

The raw materials and supporting materials are supplied by host communities. The refugee community can carry out business activities in a small scale or household business. The products are distributed into the market or sold directly to the stores owned host communities. If the production facility is built in a large scale, the refugee is an asset of labor.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

In various countries, chip products are generally supplied from factory scale. In some regions, the products might be produced in a small scale running by individuals. In my country, chips production is also produced in a small scale. Every household can run it and make money by producing and selling the products. The local or host communities get the profit by selling the plantation crops as raw material.

Our Skills and Experience

I have background study in life science. I have carried out a project to empower a local community in a rural area by providing a training and a pilot facility how to cultivate micro-algae as live feed for aquaculture or as a raw material for food or cosmetic ingredient.