Recruitment, Mentorship and career counseling OFFICE

by Eman Shalaby


Our solution

My solution is based on coordinating the needs of market work for host community: public,private sectors & refugees knowing their talents,needs for providing jobs, methods for learning and developing skills by establishing Recruitment, Mentorship and career counseling OFFICE which will be the contact point between them.It consists of two sectors the first provides services, courses for recruitments,the second focus on the educational work for learning children, students.

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Itsaves Continuity of exchange between all the parts because of permanent Headquarters, attracts the training,courses from agencies to ensure implementing strategies,reduces gap between market needs and human qualifications make startup and entrepreneurship events, private sector provides opportunities matched with their qualifications refugees private business will be increased by the funding from investors. For government increases numbersin public mobilization,maintains loyalty accurateinform

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

It helps in merging refugees in business market by developing skills, building capabilities according to the needs of business market.Idea of suitability guarantees persistence of developmental reforms, foundation stone of sustainable development,provides Services and jobs for the society develop their personalities,reduce poverty, spread awareness.second sector of office maintains the continuance of learning for generations who will merge easily in the society due to their knowledge,skills.

Our Skills and Experience

learnedSocial studies International current issues states sectors experience in Developmental site Work with refugees,students,childrenToT trainer for refugees with Terre des Hommes,facilitator education program in Care international Agency John D.Gerhart CenterAUC extracurricular activities teacher with Montessori Method to poor children and helped teenage students, Climathon2018Hackathon initiatives business entrepreneurship experiences Community Service soft skill and leadership.