"90 days internship"

by Wa'd Alqaq

from GIZ

Our solution

provision of internship opportunities for fresh graduates. Fresh graduates located in refugee camps will have access to our website and mobile application. The mobile application and website will save time of those who live in refugee camps or rural areas. Our model aims to link fresh graduates with employers, it will link employers that seek to hire interns with specific qualifications, and it aims to improve economical level, through ensuring equal opportunities. The application

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Through out the "90 days" model, refugees who are located in camps will have the chance to imrpove skills, and gain the experience that will allow them to start with their careers. A chance for learning and improving life conditions will be provided for them through the "90 days" model. Our model aims to support refugees in camps, especially with the limited transportation accessibility.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

We worked on a survey that reached 690 fresh graduates. A percentage of 100% showed their interest in having an internship opportunity.

Our Skills and Experience

I work on this model as part of a team, and applying here to give a chance for my colleagues and myself. We came up with this idea, because we all had the challenge of gaining experience and start with our career. I am active and involved in social work, refugees support and innovation, who tryto improve life conditions. Last training I participated in was "youth and digital innovation" which was organized by Qudra program, and funded by the EU and BMZ.