E-Farming empowering Host Community and Refugees

by Mohammed Mamun Ur Rashid


Our solution

An ecommerce platform where the host community will invest, and refuges will utilize the money for farming. The money will be used for livestock farming, producing crops and fish farming. For example, 100 people from the host community will invest money in a land for harvesting crops. Also, people from all over the world can invest money. The profit will be shared within the host communities and refugees after selling the crops. The investors will get 75% and refugees will get 25% of the profit

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

It will create a long term and sustainable business for the host community and refugees. It will provide to a great extent for the national demand for agricultural products. The host communities will make more money and have a better standard of life. The investment is low, so it is easily affordable for everyone. The refugees will become economically independent. Also, ecommerce platform will attract many international investors. It will have a huge impact on economic growth of the country.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

It has been implemented in Bangladesh. It has been successful to a huge extent. This solution made rural people economically independent. Also, it created investment opportunity for people for all income levels. Its helping to develop the agricultural sector of the country. As a group of people can invest in the project which helps to finance the project. Also, farmers will have better technology and training which will lead to better cultivation. It will attract international investors.

Our Skills and Experience

I have worked in successful agro project in Bangladesh.I have a good management team who efficently can train the refugees modern farming. A good IT department which will make an efficent online platform to run the business model effienctly.Also I have worked in the Rohingya Refugee camp in aid distribution. I have completed my bachelor in Business administration and currently pursuing my Masters in Public Policy in UNU Merit. My specialization is migration.