by Mwijutsya denis

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Our solution

THE FLAT-PARK SOLAR LANTERN The new innovation of solar lantern is a solution to the light problems, it’s so easy that an individual can put in their pockets in case of long journeys and can light it at night by blowing air in it using the mouth This flat-pack solar lantern which quickly expands into a 4.5-inch cube. The lantern can light two weeks and easily recharges with clear sunlight. It provides enough light for refugees or people in host community to perform tasks at night and securiy

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Through skilling both host communities and refuges there will be a great interaction between them. light being one of most important needs for security business can operate even at night where by host communities can by goods from refugees and refugees as well without any security risk. i will employ both refugees and nationals for assembling of these lanterns so that the can both aquare them easily and cheaply. They will both enjoy a stable society for business through lighting homesteads

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Through selling of these lanterns to vulnerable communities and persons of concern at a very affordable price. skilling refugees so that at any time they access this materials they can begin a life and break the dependency syndrome. my solution Has helped children to do homework at night. reduction in GBV and rape through provision of light. protection against fires that are caused by kerosen lanterns.environmental protection ,enabled mothers to deliver in light and cutting the budget in homes

Our Skills and Experience

I have got innovation skills that i have been able to transfer to many individuals which has helped in changing lives. I have got experience in guidance and counseling and problem solving which has helped me not only equip the community with skills but also guide them about day to day challenges of life.Since most of individuals are ignorant about business skills its always my obligation to teach them business skills like saving, book keeping and stalk taking, advocacy on positive social living