Empowering refugees and hosts to sell Nazava Water Filters

by Lieselotte Heederik

from Nazava Water Filters http://www.nazava.com

Our solution

Nazava Water Filters enables households to purify their well, tap or rain water without the need to boil or use electricity. By providing a free flow of safe drinking water to our customers we not only improve their health, but also empower them to save over US$ 100/year, whilst at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. The filters are equipped with a ceramic filter candle, which is mixed with silver and filled with activated carbon. We have over 30 international lab reports, see www.nazava.com

What's the business opportunity for host and refugee community

Nazava Water Filters are sold through a reseller model. Refugees and host communities could start a joint Nazava business and distribute the filters to agents, Energy Kiosks and saving associations (VSLAs). Nazava distributors get: attractive margins, marketing materials in the local language, sales training and interest free KIVA loans. The agents create awareness on safe drinking water and they conduct after-sales service to the end-user. KIVA loans enable the end-user to pay in installments.

How has it been implemented and what impact it had

Nazava's products are primarily sold through resellers (60%), NGOs (20%) and direct sales (20%). To date we sold over 120,000 products in Indonesia and abroad, reaching over 600,000 people with access to safe drinking water. Compared to buying or boiling water, end-users can save over US$ 100/year through the consumption of filtered water. To date, Nazava consumers have cumulatively reduced their drinking water costs with US$ 5 million and reduced 33,000 tons CO2 emissions (= 9000 cars/year).

Our Skills and Experience

Our day to day activity is to train our resellers in a) product knowledge and b) marketing skills; Using a problem based approach our training equips resellers with the right skills to promote and sell our products. We develop promotion materials, brochures and banners in the local language. We coach and mentor our resellers to become more successful. We have trained resellers in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Mozambique. I also teach a course on Global WASH at George Washington University